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Board Budder

Board Budder Intro Wax Kit

Board Budder Intro Wax Kit

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Basic Tools + 100% Plant-Based Ski/snowboard Wax.

Unlock the world of DIY waxing with our basic bundle, perfect for getting started. Set yourself up for memorable adventures in the snow, deepen the connection between you and your gear, and Shred Responsibly!

  1. Board Budder Pro Wax Iron: A versatile, 100% plant-based wax suitable for all temperatures, providing optimal glide and protection for your skis or snowboard.
  2. Board Budder All-Temp Snowboard/Ski Wax (200g / 7oz): 100% plant-based wax that helps maintain and hydrate your base while improving glide over the snow. 
  3. The Budder Knife: Used to remove excess wax after ironing, it ensures a smooth base surface for better glide.
  4. Cork Whiz: Ideal for smoothing out wax after application, it helps in creating a uniform and effective wax layer.
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