Our commitment to the environment is at the forefront of everything we do. This page delves into our sustainability practices, from sourcing ingredients to packaging and beyond. Find out how choosing Board Budder contributes to protecting the winter landscapes we all love.

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Sourcing Plant-Based Ingredients

Board Budder uses 100% plant-based materials, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally-friendly product lineup. The materials in Board Budder are carefully selected for their sustainable and eco-friendly properties.

Production Process

We manufacture Board Budder in a garage-turned-factory and recycle wax leftovers in new batches. By recycling wax leftovers, we minimize waste and uphold our commitment to sustainability.


We collaborate with Utah PaperBox, who utilizes solar energy, FSC® and SFI sourced paper, and advanced recycling methods for eco-conscious packaging.

Sourcing Plant-Based Ingredients

Board Budder’s wax ingredients are sourced from suppliers who are known for their commitment to quality and sustainability. They offer a range of raw materials and natural ingredients that are Fair Trade, Sustainable, USP, RSPO, Kosher, and Organic certified, ensuring that Board Budder's products align with eco and ethical standards.


Board Budder's commitment to sustainability shines through our production process. In our workshop, we use a 20-gallon melting pot to blend natural ingredients for our wax, ensuring every batch aligns with our eco-friendly principles. We meticulously manage resources, re-melting any excess to minimize waste. This process not only exemplifies our dedication to the environment but also ensures that each product meets our high standards for quality and sustainability, embodying our pledge to help customers 'Shred Responsibly'.

Sustainable Packaging

Board Budder's packaging reflects our eco-commitment, partnering with Utah PaperBox, renowned for its sustainability practices. Their LEED Gold Certified facility, solar-powered operations, and use of FSC® and SFI sourced paper ensure our packaging is environmentally responsible. This collaboration enhances our sustainable ethos, demonstrating our shared dedication to reducing environmental impact and supporting clean air initiatives in the Wasatch Front area.