Wholesale Inquiries

Looking to amp up your shop's game? Whether your shelves are thirsty for something fresh or you're trying to green things up a bit with a plant-based wax offering, we've got your back. Our ski and snowboard wax blends seamlessly with both wax machines and infrared applicators, and it adds a unique twist with its exotic papaya aroma. Let us add some shred to your store with Board Budder and turn your shop into the go-to spot for eco-conscious enthusiasts!

Bio-Based Innovation

Lead the market with Board Budder, a 100% plant-based ski and snowboard wax that aligns with the growing demand for sustainable outdoor products. Our formula ensures your business contributes to a healthier planet.

Superior Performance

Offer your customers the best of both worlds: unmatched glide and durability without the environmental toll. Tested in diverse conditions, Board Budder competes head-to-head with traditional waxes, ensuring satisfaction on the slopes.

Build Customer Loyalty

By offering Board Budder, you're not just selling a product; you're inviting your customers to join a movement. Our brand's commitment to sustainability and performance fosters loyalty among a community passionate about having fun and preserving the great outdoors.

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