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Board Budder

Peak Performance Bundle

Peak Performance Bundle

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Essentials for waxing and maintenance + 100% Plant-Based All Temperature Ski/Snowboard Wax.

A comprehensive kit for the experienced skier and snowboarder, offering easy-to-use tools for tuning and repair. Maintain your gear at a professional level to boost your next adventure.

  1. 200 g All Temp Wax: A versatile, 100% plant-based wax suitable for all temperatures, providing optimal glide and protection for your skis or snowboard.
  2. The Budder Knife: Used to remove excess wax after ironing, it ensures a smooth base surface for better glide.
  3. Shred Fury Wax Brush: Perfect for cleaning the base before waxing, and polishing the ski base after waxing; it enhances the texture for improved glide and speed.
  4. Edge Mender: Used for sharpening and maintaining the edges of your skis or snowboard, crucial for precise control and safety.
  5. Cork Whiz: Ideal for smoothing out wax after application, it helps in creating a uniform and effective wax layer.
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