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Board Budder

Board Budder Single-Pack All-Temp Snowboard/Ski Wax

Board Budder Single-Pack All-Temp Snowboard/Ski Wax

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Board Budder Single-Pack

10º to 40ºF | -12º to 4ºC

Eco-Conscious Excellence
Immerse yourself in the winter sports experience with Board Budder, crafted for those who value performance and planet-friendly choices. Our wax sets the standard for eco-conscious skiing and snowboarding.

100% Plant-Based Innovation
Embrace the future of snow sports with our entirely plant-based wax. This innovative formula ensures a reduced environmental impact, aligning your passion for winter sports with a commitment to sustainability.

Safety First: No PFAS, No Petroleum Byproducts
Your health and the environment are our top priorities. Our wax is free from PFAS and petroleum byproducts, offering a safer, cleaner alternative for both you and the planet.

Naturally Scented for a Pleasant Experience
Enhance your waxing experience with the natural fragrances of essential oils. Our wax not only performs exceptionally but also delights your senses.

Versatile Application: Iron On or Rub On
Tailored for your convenience, our wax can be easily applied by iron for a thorough coat or rubbed on for a quick touch-up.

Shred Responsibly with Board Budder
Join us in our mission to "Shred Responsibly." By choosing Board Budder, you're part of a community dedicated to quality, sustainability, and the love of winter sports.

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