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Board Budder

Board Budder Ski & Snowboard Wax 2-Pack - Plant-Based, Non-Toxic

Board Budder Ski & Snowboard Wax 2-Pack - Plant-Based, Non-Toxic

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Board Budder 2-pack

10º to 40ºF | -12º to 4ºC

Eco-Conscious Excellence
Experience peak performance with our Board Budder 200g 2-Pack, engineered for eco-aware winter sports enthusiasts. Our wax is at the forefront of sustainable skiing and snowboarding, blending top-tier functionality with a commitment to the environment.

100% Plant-Based Innovation
Step into the future of snow sports with our revolutionary plant-based wax. Designed to minimize environmental impact, it lets you pursue your passions while protecting the planet.

Safety First: No PFAS, No Petroleum Byproducts
We prioritize your health and our planet's well-being. Our wax is free from harmful PFAS and petroleum derivatives, providing a safer and more sustainable option for every run.

Naturally Scented for a Pleasant Experience
Our wax isn’t just about performance; it’s a sensory pleasure too, infused with the natural aromas of essential oils for an enjoyable waxing experience.

Versatile Application: Iron On or Rub On
Tailored for your convenience, our wax can be easily applied by iron for a thorough coat or rubbed on for a quick touch-up.

Shred Responsibly with Board Budder
By choosing Board Budder, you join a community devoted to quality, sustainability, and a shared love for winter sports. Embrace our mission to "Shred Responsibly" and set the slopes on a path to a greener future.

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